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About Us

Our Story

Piukku Kopiloff is the operational director and head coach of ProPADEL Solutions Ltd. Piukku has been building hundreds of high-quality padel courts in Finland and Europe. She has been involved in padel for more than 30 years. Piukku brought padel to Finland and built the first padel court in 2003. In 2009, she founded the current form of the Finnish Padel Federation and served as the association’s executive director until the end of 2016.

Piukku has graduated as a padel coach in Barcelona and is a certified judge and coach of the International Padel Federation (FIP). Piukku is a member of the Finnish Coaches Association and an honorary member of the Finnish Padel Federation. In 2022, Piukku was awarded the Sports Culture Award at the Sports Gala for her meritorious work with padel.

ProPADEL Solutions acts as the padel court sales agency for Padel Courts Deluxe. In addition to court sales, ProPADEL manages the ProPADEL Sörnäinen (Helsinki, Finland) padel courts and offers a wide range of padel services and equipment.

Our business partner

Padel Courts Deluxe S.L. is Europe’s leading padel court manufacturer. The company has more than 12 years of experience in padel and its products have been sold in more than 32 countries. Padel Courts Deluxe has already installed more than 3,500 courts around the world.

Padel Courts Deluxe manages its entire production chain by itself, so the quality of the courts remains high, delivery times are short, and transparency & traceability throughout the production process is maintained, down to the individual element and employee.

GreenSet has been the world’s leading tennis court installation and resurfacing company for over 10 years and has implemented over 600 tournaments (ATP, WTA, ITF, Davis Cup and Olympics).

In 2023, Padel Court Deluxe and GreenSet merged and thus together created the world’s largest tennis and padel court manufacturing company.

Super Efficient

We act quickly, professionally and relying on our long experience. The production capacity of Europe’s largest factory guarantees a fast delivery schedule.

Deeply Committed

For us, padel is a matter of the heart, not just a business. We promote the popularity of padel and create lifelong customer relationships.

Highly Skilled

Thirty years of experience in padel and product manufacturing gives our work a solid foundation. We have also been awarded for our work for padel.

Piukku Kopiloff


Chief Operative Officer

+358 50 5481484

Taru Jäykkä


Finance and Administration Director

Klaudia Deryng

Service in Polish

Head of Sales POLAND

+358 50 5720921